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Industry News: 2014 Import and Export Overview of China’s Hardware Industry

As an important component of China’s light industry, the Hardware industry has greatly developed its import and export trade in recent years. Compared with the total import and export volume in 2007, 51.6 billion yuan, the total volume of imports and exports in 2014 has doubled since then. The trade surplus of the industry has increased year by year and the market position of hardware industry has been enhanced. China’s hardware products are exported to almost every country in the world. Moreover, China’s hardware industry has stably strengthened its international competitiveness.

Despite of the inadequate external demands, exchange rate fluctuation of RMB, inadequacy of working capital, frequent trade frictions and so kind negative factors, China’s hardware industry still saw a total import and export volume of over 100 billion US dollars in 2014. Such a base number of total import and export volume has brought great pressure for further growth of the foreign trades of China’s hardware industry. However, the foreign trades of China’s hardware industry remain a comparatively strong growth and the industry has broken the 100 billion mark again with respect to its total export volume.

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