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Features of foreign trades of China’s hardware industry in 2014 #2

III. The trades are widely distributed and the market has enhanced its diversified optimization
China’s hardware industry has a complete range of products currently. Its outputs of certain products rank the first in the world. Moreover, China’s hardware industry has seized a comparatively large share in the global market. According to the Customs’ statistics, there’re 11 categories of hardware products in total. All such products are exported to 5 continents, including America, Japan, German, Russia, England and the other 231 countries and regions. China also imports hardware products from 170 countries and regions, including German, Japan, America, South Korea, Taipei and etc. China has continuously strengthened its role as a major hardware producer in the world.

The year-on-year growth rates of Sino-US, Sino-Europe and Sino-Japan bilateral trade volumes of hardware products were respectively lower than the average growth rate of the whole industry in 2014. Besides, the trade volumes of hardware products between China and ASEAN and Singapore Free Trade Area have been increased rapidly. China’s hardware industry has also expanded its foreign trades with ASEAN, Malaysia and certain African countries (regions); more and more emerging markets are involved in the trades with China. As a result, the foreign trade of China’s hardware industry is experiencing a diversified evolution. The weak export growth caused by the inadequate demands of traditional markets has been boosted to some extent by the aforesaid fact. However, the emerging markets still have various problems, for example, the overall demands are comparatively small; the social and political environments of certain regions are still unstable and their economy development would be easily affected by the developing countries in a periodical manner. So the hardware industry’s foreign trade with emerging markets has obvious seasonal fluctuation.

IV. The general trade advantages continue to expand
China’s hardware industry mainly adopts general trade as the import and export mode. In January – December 2014, the total import and export volume realized through general trade was 92.032 billion US dollars, growing 10.5% year on year which was 1.7% higher than the previous year. Such import and export volume accounted for 74.02% of the total foreign trade volume of China’s hardware industry. As the general trade has a long industrial chain as well as strong leading capacities, the high proportion of general trade would be helpful for the enterprises to increase their added value of exports and to gain more profits; it would also further promote the trade structure optimization of China’s hardware industry.

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