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Notice on Further Reducing International Passenger Flights during the Epidemic Prevention and Control Period

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To All Transport Airlines:

In order to resolutely contain the increasing risks of imported COVID-19 cases, and in accordance with the requirements of the State Council for joint prevention and control of the epidemic, it is decided to further reduce the number of international passenger flights. Details of the requirement are as follows:

1. On the basis of the Information on International Flight Plans (Phase Five) released on the official website of CAAC on March 12, each Chinese airline is only allowed to maintain one route to any specific country with no more than one flight per week; each foreign airline is only allowed to maintain one route to China with no more than one weekly flight.

2. Airlines shall, in accordance with the requirements above, apply for Pre-Flight plans to the Operation Supervisory Center of CAAC in advance.

3. The Operating Permits and take-off/landing slots, etc. associated with the flights cut by airlines in accordance with requirements of this Notice will be retained.

4. Airlines shall strictly implement the latest edition of Preventing Spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Guideline for Airlines issued by the Office of China Civil Aviation Prevention and Control COVID-19 Leading Group, take stringent prevention and control measures on the flights to/from China and ensure passenger load factor no higher than 75%.

5. In accordance with the need for epidemic containment, CAAC may issue policy to further reduce the total number of international passenger flights. Airlines therefore are required to closely follow information released, analyze the situation and make contingency plans in advance, and handle in a proper way the issues such as extension and refund of sold air tickets, etc.

6. Airlines may operate all-cargo flights with passenger aircraft, which will not be counted against the total number of passenger flights operated.

7. Flight plans adjusted by airlines in accordance with paragraph 1 of this Notice shall be implemented as of March 29, 2020.

8. This Notice shall take effect on the date of its issuance, and the expiration date will be notified separately. As of the date of taking effect of this Notice, the Notice MHF [2020] No. 11 issued by CAAC shall become invalid.

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